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729 Wilton Rd.
Peterborough, NH 03458
Office: 603-784-5244
Cell: 603 801 9191
email: tvbaochon@gmail.com or thichtueman@gmail.com

Thiền Viện Bảo Chơn Introduction

A Simple Will
    Bao Chon Zen Monastery is located on the Temple Mountain in the state of New Hampshire in the United States of America. Marvelously, it was like a predestined cause that led me to this place. I felt like being home with lots of memories from infinite past that encouraged me to carry out my long nourished aspiration.
    I love forest and mountains. Since childhood the natural and simple life available there has attracted me. Then, of my own volition, I became a Buddhist monk. During the years as a student in the Zen monasteries in Viet Nam, I held on to one simple dream that some day when attaining higher religious virtue, I would retreat to a secluded area in the forest or mountains in order to practice with all my heart and mind.
   Time went by, being occupied with Buddha-work in the monasteries here and there, already at middle age but I have not been able to advance on the ultimate resolution of my life: the great issue of birth and death. At times I feel heavy-hearted to realize that my spiritual cultivation is humble beyond comparison with the Zen Masters.
Today, I am joyful that the conditions are ripe for the initial stage of my dream to materialize, yet lots of things still to be worked on for the facility. It is so peaceful here in the vast openness with the lively air and the cool breeze from the surrounding mountains that seemingly isolates this place from the secular world. Leading to the mountain is a winding wooded road running up and down. A stream following along the road, curling like a howling blue dragon, crawling up high to get water from the summits of the mountains, showering aromatic flavor of forest and mountain down over the whole world.
    Although it is a long distance, it is not too difficult to get here by car. Buddhist lay people, therefore, are still able to come here every Sunday for studying the scriptures of the Buddha, practicing meditation, reciting sutras; for participating in long retreat …
    I have reported my work to the Most Venerable Thich Nhat Quang, the chief Administrator of the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen sect. After listening to my presentation about the establishment, scenery, and my aspiration, he was very joyful and compassionate to name this Zen monastery “Bao Chon”. The monastery’s aim is to propagate the Dharma, to illuminate the path to enlightenment, and to succeed the light of Vietnamese Zen sect, Truc Lam Yen Tu, restored by Zen Master Thich Thanh Tu at the end of the twentieth century.
    From this time forward, Bao Chon is a devoted place for those who are eager for returning to their true nature, realizing Buddhahood and awakened mind. That vigorous eagerness of life in harmony with the forest and mountains here resonates over the sky an endless song of non-duality of human and nature. I do not intent to strive for great and distinguished merit. I just want to accomplish my own will.

Bảo Chơn, February 01, 2010

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